Walbridge is dedicated to supporting public education. ”We reveal ourselves and our values when we spend our money. For me, there are few areas more important in a budget than our children and their education.  I am excited to run and hopeful that if I am elected along with my fellow Democrats, we may finally be able to fully fund our schools, instead of continually requiring they raise the bar with fewer resources.”


Walbridge believes the Blue Ridge District best exemplifies the strain put on our school system by the truly spectacular growth of last five years. Walbridge explains, “We are developing faster than our schools and infrastructure can accommodate, and I would like to see a stronger working relationship between the school board, planning commission, and Board of Supervisors so we are truly prepared for our growing population.”


When it comes to the urgent issue of preserving rural Loudoun, Walbridge believes there are no simple fixes and it will take a multifaceted approach. “The county should work with our farmers and landowners to provide a variety of tools to support a sustainable agricultural economy and the critical mass of farmland necessary for rural Loudoun to continue to exist.” Walbridge knows firsthand that tools like a transfer of development rights program, conservation easements, year-round farmers markets, a county-supported agricultural accelerator, and an aggregation facility in Loudoun County would support our farmers, enhance our rural economy and maintain western Loudoun for generations to come.


​“In the Blue Ridge we enjoy a balance: strong schools, a growing rural economy with picturesque green space, and the many conveniences, job opportunities and amenities in eastern Loudoun. This balance will only survive, and thrive, if we fight for it.” –Tia Walbridge.



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Tia Walbridge is the Democratic nominee running to represent Blue Ridge on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors. 

She is a farmer and small businesswoman, mom to two daughters, Evey and Mirabel, both in the public school system, and wife to Nate, a 100% disabled veteran who continues to serve his country at the Department of Defense. 

She is a governor's appointee to the Virginia Agricultural Council and a board member of Loudoun County Farm Bureau. She also serves on the board of Dandelion Meadow, a nonprofit that provides facilities for women battling addiction in Loudoun County. She's endorsed by Loudoun Education Association PAC, LiUNA Union, Rep. Jennifer Wexton, several state and local representatives, and Vote Mama.

After visiting Loudoun County more than fifteen years ago, Tia knew she wanted her kids to grow up here. Since then, her family moved to Purcellville, saved up like so many young families, and finally bought an old vegetable farm in Round Hill and converted it into a successful sheep farm. Along with her flock, Tia keeps chickens, a Shire horse, an angora rabbit, and her goat, Scooter. Tia teaches her girls about responsibility out on the farm, educating them about taking care of their animals and the value of working with their hands. That farm isn’t just a place to call home, but also embodies the things that make Blue Ridge a great place to live and thrive.



In this tough political climate, Tia continues to find hope in her local community. She knows from experience that the families, small businesses, and farms here all work to lift each other up. Our community understands the value of living in a region that has both a growing economy and a rural tradition at its heart.


Tia is running to protect Loudoun's active agriculture and green spaces, invest in our public schools, and repair our crumbling infrastructure. She will fight to protect Loudoun's unique balance of rural, suburban, and soon urban landscapes and economies. That one region can be home to so many lifestyles, in close proximity to an abundance of jobs, and with wonderful schools for our children, she believes is a balance rare and precious, and it is not going to survive by accident. 


We have an opportunity to flip the entire board and elect a woman majority this year. But we can't get there without flipping this seat.


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