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Letter to the Editor: Walbridge can bring positive change

As a resident of the countryside surrounding Hillsboro, I was interested to read the article on the new Comprehensive Plan. When we moved here in 2002 the Smart Growth Plan was a buying incentive for us but it was overturned on a technicality. We have been disappointed over the years with plans that sound good but never stop development. This article describes the issues so well which is weak, easily gotten around zoning. One type of housing I would welcome is affordable housing but that never happens either.

I have been following, meeting and listening to Tia Walbridge who is running for Supervisor of the Blue Ridge District. I am impressed by her willingness to attend meetings, advocate for farmers and study policy. I just want results and I have concluded that Walbridge can help bring positive changes to the Board.

Let’s really study the solutions to these rural issues and stop letting the developers have their way.

Laura Berish Hillsboro

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