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Walbridge Statement Following Accident on Corner of Belmont Ridge Road and Legacy Park Drive

Yesterday, we had yet another accident at the corner of Belmont Ridge Road and Legacy Park Drive. Thankfully, no one was killed — this time.

Just two months ago, a crash at this same spot killed a woman and injured her 4-year old daughter. We cannot wait six years, required by the county’s standard process, for improvements to this road. How many lives are we willing to risk to bureaucracy and shortsightedness?

This dangerous intersection is the result of our local government approving an incredible rate of growth and by-right development without properly planning for the infrastructure necessary to support that growth. When we approve new houses without putting in place a plan for road improvements, traffic flow, and schools to accommodate these new communities, we end up chasing our tails to catch up. A woman dies in an accident and all we can offer in response is a traffic light — in six years.

We need to elect representatives who understand that tighter, properly-enforced zoning brings developers to the table so our roads and infrastructure grow as we do. When we don’t, the lion’s share of the cost falls to taxpayers and the lengthy Capital Improvement Program budget process. It shouldn’t be this way and it doesn’t have to be.

We can and must do better by our residents, in Blue Ridge and throughout Loudoun County.

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