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Walbridge Statement in Response to Deferred Vote on Red-Flag Laws

Supervisor Buffington voted with his Republican counterparts to put politics over the safety of the people he was elected to protect.


September 24, 2019

Round Hill — Today, Tia Walbridge, Democratic nominee for Blue Ridge Supervisor, released the following statement in response to the Republican-controlled Board's decision to defer a vote on red-flag laws.

“Several years ago, when the husband of a dear friend became violent and volatile, I welcomed her family into my home to provide both safety and comfort to her and her young children. I have been helping women escape from abusive husbands since I was 13 years old. When my mother’s best friend’s husband split open her skull and sent her to the hospital, she and her family moved into my childhood home.

Whether your concern is preventing suicide or fatal domestic violence, red-flag laws are common-sense measures to keep our families, friends, and neighbors safe. Red-flag laws would require people deemed an immediate threat to themselves or others, by a mental health professional and the courts, to hand over their firearms to a custodian of their choice temporarily. These laws should not be controversial and they should not be subject to petty politics. 

I am a sheep farmer and a responsible gun owner, as are many of my friends and neighbors. Red-flag laws do not infringe upon our right to own guns. Rather, these laws protect our rights to safety, security, and peace of mind in the most unbearable of circumstances. 

Current Blue Ridge Supervisor Tony Buffington sat in silence Thursday night, voting with his Republican counterparts to defer a vote on these common-sense gun-safety laws to save the lives of our most vulnerable. He chose to put politics over the safety of the people he was elected to protect. This is cowardice, plain and simple. If Tony Buffington won’t stand up for what’s right, it’s time we vote him out.”

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